supporting you with energy healing

I want to help you see you

Moving away from old habits toward an authentic you takes time and support

As you build the habits that are more true to you, your nervous system will be working hard to rebalance and incorporate those habits into your authentic way of operating in the world. You are, essentially, completely changing operating systems and your energy body need support.

 Reiki supports you in whatever is going on in your life and is always focused on your highest good. At the most basic level, a Reiki session can provide deep relaxation and stress reduction. At deeper levels, it supports your body as it heals from day-to-day stresses, major transitions, and even medical procedures or surgery.

All of my Reiki clients will recieve a free privacy door hanger (like you find at hotels only much prettier) for your Reiki sessions (or whenever you need privacy). 

Are you ready to RELAX AND restore?

For You | reiki with intention

Distance reiki sessions allow you to feel the benefits of reiki without leaving your home. We have a short call at the beginning of your session to discuss your intention for the session, I tell you what time I will call back, we hang up, you get comfortable, and I send reiki energy. I call you back and we have a short discussion about what you and I each experienced.

I have distance Reiki clients in Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, and throughout the US. My only limitation is that I only speak English.


Hospice and hospital patients (pre- and post-surgery) can benefit from Reiki energy. We do not do a pre- or post-session call and I have found it is helpful to let the person know when Reiki will be flowing, whether or not they are responsive. 


Animals benefit from Reiki treatments, too.

Distance Reiki is ideal for animals because they are so receptive and sensitive to the energy – even in-person sessions are typically done at a distance. It is preferable that you be available for a pre- and post-session call and during the session so that you can observe your animal, but it is not required.

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