First Responders Programs

helping you balance your internal central dispatch

Balance your internal central dispatch 

Programs to help you recharge your battery

You have unique needs that a mapped out program may not address. There are several ways you can get to a place of balance (whatever that means for you) where you enjoy your life outside of work.

Let’s chat and put together a plan that works best for you.


ready to enjoy life outside of work?

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Find your balance | 911 for you

You see things every day at work that most of us have no concept of. And, I suspect, you hold a lot of that in and, as well as you think you’re hiding it, you’re not hiding it from your body.

Disrupted sleep, excessive tiredness, a short fuse, feeling isolated or like you have nowhere to go are all side effects of tamping down your needs and taking care of everyone else in and out of work. 

Is it time to find your balance and take care of you?

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