Business 9-1-1

supporting you as you support your business

I want to make business easy

Do you have a project that’s been nagging at you and you don’t know where to start?

I can help you start even if you don’t want to and have been resisting with all your might.

I support you by laying out your steps then standing with you while you complete the steps.  For instance, a recent client needed to access her website (her designer retired) and update links and copy. She’d been avoiding the task for months when she contacted me. We got on a call and completed those tasks and more in an hour. She is now empowered to make all updates herself on her timeline. 

Are you ready to make business easy?

Git ‘er dun | Business 9-1-1

I grew up working in a family business (retail), spent 20 years working in corporate America, then spent 15 years back in the family business. I have a BBA in Finance and an MBA in Marketing and Strategy and I enjoy using my education and experience to help others leap over their business hurdles.

I cannot replace your attorney or accountant but I can make working with them a lot easier. And I can help you finally finish those business projects that are weighing heavily on your mind.


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