putting the puzzle together

I want to help you see you

Your personality traits, beliefs, and desires aren’t hidden, they’re right there in your natal chart.

Your natal chart is a picture of the sky the moment you were born – it shows the three pillars of your personality (your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs) and the energies impacting how they show up for you. 

Other planets show us where your life lesson is, where your challenges and ease show up, and all of this gives us information about ways you can work with the energies to create more ease and flow in your life. 

Once you have an understanding of what makes you you, then we can look at how the current planetary placements are interacting with your natal chart and creating ease or presenting challenges so that you can move through the year with awareness.


Are you ready to get started?

“Astrology leads us toward ourselves.” – Mark Jones

Original You | Your Natal Chart

During your natal chart reading we will discuss timing of major life events based on what I see in your chart, the three pillars of your personality (your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs), some current energies that are specific to you that you can work with now, your life lesson, and your life purpose.

We will touch on your relationship style, factors that influence your career, how you think, what you value, and when you may have experienced events specific to living true to your purpose.


Current you | your transits

During this reading I will share how the planets and their placement over the next three months will interact with your natal chart and in what areas of your life you might see more opportunity or some constriction. We will discuss longer-term themes that overlap but will focus on the next three months to assist you with planning.

Our lives move in cycles and, through a transit reading, you can engage with your current cycles with awareness and curiosity. This is the type of reading that takes what’s going on in the heavens and makes it personal and current.


Are you curious about something specific to your personality or your life that you want to learn more about? A focus reading can help do just that. Each of the planets have specific energies and their placement in signs and houses in your chart affect how you feel about your life experiences.

If you’ve got a specific question you want to dig into, this is a great way to do it.

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