Striving for Harmony

Striving for Harmony

Striving for Harmony

We are well into Libra season and, as is typical for me, I am reflecting on my life with the lens of the season.

Whether or not you have one of the big three in Libra (sun, moon, or rising), Libra impacts your energetic system. As with every sign, it occupies a house in your chart, and it may or may not have planets living in that house, putting Libra-flavored frosting on the archetypal cupcake of the planet(s) living there.

Libra’s themes are balance, justice, and beauty. Healthy Libra expression comes through as communicative and social, with a love of beautiful things, and an ability to see situations from multiple perspectives; unhealthy Libra expression comes through as indecisiveness, co-dependency, over-talkativeness, being flippant or dismissive, and avoiding conflict at all costs (including giving up one’s beliefs, values, desires, and sovereignty). Where Libra shows up in your chart (which house) will indicate in which area of your life Libra themes show up (aka, provide opportunities and challenges for your personal growth).

As I reflect on my life, I can see clearly how Libra energy has played a role in my work of figuring myself out – even though I don’t have one of the big three in Libra and the planet I do have in Libra, Pluto, is something I share with anyone born between 1971 and 1984 – it gets specific to me, and helps me grow, by its house placement. For me, that comes through in how I earn a living.

I can see that I’ve exhibited some of the more negative qualities of Libra, especially as it relates to how I earn a living, in an effort to maintain what I thought was harmony.

My earliest memory of this is when I was about 10 and I told my grandpa I was going to be a lawyer (can you get much more Libra than that?) and he responded he would disown me if I did. I took that to heart and, no matter how often I thought of it from then through settling on a college major, I didn’t pursue it.

Where are you being dishonest with others (and maybe yourself) to maintain (a false sense of) harmony?

I remember in grad school being really curious about my classmates who were working on their JD/MBA and thinking it was too late for me.

About eight years ago, when I was struggling with great internal disharmony largely due to my work in my family’s business, I had an opportunity to meet with a long-time Congressman who responded to something I said with, “You should be a Capitol attorney.” I am still proud of being seen that way and also know that I was very much in the thick of making career decisions based on what I thought would make other people happy or that would keep the (false sense of external) peace.

After hearing that, I jumped back into thinking about becoming a paralegal or mediator. However, instead of following my curiosity, my energy, and my heart’s desire, I tripled down on my then-current situation even though I had years ago completed all aspects of my commitment to my family. A commitment which, not surprisingly, was precipitated by legal issues.

In my fifteenth year of that two-year agreement (co-dependent much?), external circumstances fell into place in a way that my only option was getting out (the business failed in a way that there was no recovery, no matter how much time, heart, and effort I (or anyone else) put into it). During those 14+ years, my negative expression of Libra energy resulted in several medical issues, some requiring surgery, and, I sincerely hope not, forever-damaged relationships between me and my family.

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t all fall on me, we were all trying to do what was best for everyone else and none of us were doing what was right for us as individuals. And, when someone did, they were outvoted.

I came back to the family business because I was asked to and it fulfilled some of my needs, but, after I fulfilled my end of the agreement (on time and to the best result we could have hoped for, no less) I got out of my business and into everyone else’s.  And I let them into mine.

How can you use this Libra energy to be transparent and empowered in your communications?

As (literally and figuratively) painful as all of those years were, many other things came together in my life that likely wouldn’t have otherwise.

By taking responsibility for my decisions, learning what my body’s signals are telling me about my next right action, taking the time to learn how to connect with my inner wisdom and to trust my gut, I have learned how to identify what is right for me and to communicate from that place of balance. That internal clarity makes it a lot easier to slow down when I communicate with others so that I can focus on listening. That focus, in turn, helps me hear and understand the other person better so that I can feel into what I want and need and translate that into clear and transparent responses that are compassionate and well-boundaried.

I feel like I’ve always had a sense about how interwoven the mind and body are, yet I likely never would’ve studied it had I not had actual health issues that I could tie to specific situations, and I doubt it would be part of how I earn a living now.

Life coaching, mind-body work, Equus coaching, astrology, and reiki have all come together for me in a way that allows me to find new balance in the work I do to earn a living – balance that serves my clients without me getting in their business.

For me personally, everything I’ve experienced and studied has gotten me to a place of truer decision making, clearer communications, and empowered action. I can be compassionate towards others and myself (without sacrificing my self), make decisions that are true for me, and, therefore, stand more confidently at the pivot point. Exactly what Libra wants for each of us.

And, because it’s never as simple as the season we’re in, and, if you follow moon cycles, you know that we had a new moon in Libra last week. This was no ordinary new moon (for a lot of reasons) so, while you are working on your intentions for the next month, consider what you need to wrap up (if you’re starting something new, is there something you were working on that needs completion before you start the new thing) and, from a relationship perspective, are there relationship wounds you need to acknowledge and release.

Let’s not forget, we are in the midst of another Mercury retrograde cycle. This is a good time to review, revise, and redo something you’ve worked on the last few weeks or months. Specifically with this Retrograde, because it is in Libra, it’s a good time to rethink relationships and clean up those that no longer work for you and strengthen those that do. Rethink and reflect on a project you’re working on: is it the right thing for you and, if it is, is it in the right format, or do you need to adjust your process? This post may provide some additional guidance for how to manage this Mercury retrograde energy.

If you’re looking for specific tools that might help you find and stay on your path, I suggest these techniques:

  • Do the “Connect With Your Emotions” guided meditation on my website
  • Repeat a mantra like one of these (or one that resonates more for you, I would love to hear it):
    • I communicate my needs with clarity, honesty, authenticity, and conviction.
    • I remain open to other perspectives and points of view.
    • I have respect for myself and extend that same respect toward others.
    • I am open to using my full creative potential.
  • Take some time to write what comes up for you with these questions from Allow Peace (a card in Siobhan Nash’s Allowing Prayers card deck)