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What to expect…

You are probably wondering what to expect from your Soul’s Calling coaching sessions. I will do my best to explain the process here and would like to emphasize that this is not intended to create an expectation of the outcome of a coaching session, neither of us can determine, predict, or map out the outcome of our work together.

Logistically speaking, a few hours before our appointment I will send you a link to join a Zoom call.  If you prefer not to be on video, you can let me know ahead of time that you prefer audio only, and the link will be for audio only.  You are also free to turn your video off during the call whenever you feel like you need to.

At our scheduled time, you and I will both get on the call. I will do a quick grounding exercise to help us both be present on the call then I will start asking you questions that are intended to help me understand your thoughts and current struggle. I don’t need the details of the situation (who did what, when), my goal will be to understand the thought that is causing you pain.

For Soul’s Calling work, I will start by trying to understand, and get a clear picture of, your major struggle (or the event) that is causing the eruption in your life (your volcano).  This may take one or two sessions and you may not feel like anything transformational came out of those sessions (remember, it took years for the volcano to erupt, it may take some time to clear out the lava and ash).    

From there we will start peeling away the layers of your social and family programming – the stuff that you believe and do that may not be true to you but that feels so natural you do not realize it is not the real you.

We will also start digging for your gems: your unique skills, abilities, personality traits, and processes that make you you.

We call this part of the process, “being on the beach”. This can be a pretty emotional (and exciting) part of the process – you will see many of the ways you’ve been adapting and coping just to maintain the status quo and you will find gems in the sand (your unique skills, abilities, personality traits, and processes) that you forgot about or buried long ago.

Rest assured, I won’t leave you twisting in the wind. I can handle the depth of whatever you’re holding onto or want to set free. I will give you homework that will be manageable and will support you on your journey – all homework is intended to help you see the real you.

When our work on the beach is done, you will go to the boat dock, get on your boat and navigate your journey from a place of deep knowing of what is true to you. You will experience storms at sea, we all do – and I will be here for you if you want coaching through those storms.

So, I started this by telling you we would get on a call and get grounded. Then we will talk. We will not get through everything I described in one session. It took years for us to get to this place, it is going to take several weeks to sift through it.  The six-package program is there so that you could benefit from making a manageable commitment – it does not mean it is a six-week program.

What I expect of you is your presence on each call and that you will give yourself an hour (ideally) once a week to devote to yourself and the work of finding your true light (through “being on the beach”). Doing the homework is not required but it will help you process what you’re learning about yourself and will facilitate our work on our weekly call.  If it helps, the homework will not take hours that you do not have, I am a (fairly) reasonable person. J

If you are ready to stop the daily negotiation and personality morphing just to “keep the peace”, you are ready for this work.

Thank you for trusting me to walk next to you on your path.


Marni Schmid has completed Martha Beck Life Coach training, is a Usui/Holy Fire(R) III Karuna (R) Reiki Master, Astrologer, and facilitates transformative experiences.

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