Life Coaching Tools to Take Control of Your Life

You can’t control everything in your life, but you can control the most important thing: How you react to what is happening around you.

You may not be able to choose your family, or change your responsibilities. You may not be able to avoid people and situations that trigger hurt, anger, stress, frustration, or confusion. Still, you do have a choice of how to react to those people and situations.

You are an individual, and you have the power to define how you will respond. I have the tools and will empower you to use them at work, at home, and in all areas of your life. By working together through the life coaching tools you will start seeing yourself and your struggles with a fresh perspective, realizing your power as you move through your day with more ease.

If you feel overwhelmed…

Working through the life coaching tools together will help you see yourself and your struggles with a fresh perspective. I you feel overwhelmed, I can help you manage through it. If you have to spend time with people who wear you down, I can help you minimize their influence on your mood and energy. If you feel stuck, I can help you see a new way forward and you can get yourself unstuck.

It’s time to take charge of who you are.

It’s time to Walk Your Path.

You have a few options for coaching. Situational coaching is meant for a specific situation you are working through. This type of coaching can help you see the path that is most in tune with your true desires with less conflict and struggle.

Soul’s Calling coaching is a longer process where we dig deep to bust up your programming (the beliefs you hold that are created and supported by your family and society that may not be your true beliefs), discover your gifts and talents, and learn ways to approach situations so that you move forward in a way that is authentic for you. We can even incorporate astrology, if you’re interested.

Mind-body coaching to help you connect to your body, emotions, mind, and inner wisdom. I will use these tools in all of my coaching sessions, as needed, and you can book a shorter session just to work through one tool depending on what you need that day.

And, if we’re in the same geographic area and it makes sense for where you are in your work, we can schedule an Equus coaching session. These sessions tend to have a little bit of extra magic because horses reflect back to us what we are actually feeling and doing, not what we think we are feeling and doing.

Reiki supports all of this work and we can tie in sessions when and if you’re interested.


Marni Schmid has completed Martha Beck Life Coach training, is a Usui/Holy Fire(R) III Karuna(R) Reiki Master, Astrologer, and facilitates transformative experiences.

Get in Touch

If you are ready to Walk Your Path and you are interested in learning more before you sign up, please contact me, I would like to walk with you.

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