Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Why Astrology?

You might be wondering what astrology has to do with walking your path or understanding your authentic self.

Most of us grew up knowing what our Sun sign is and maybe even looking for our weekly horoscope in the Sunday paper (yes, I’m aging myself). Your Sun sign is definitely a significant contributor to your personality traits and the way you operate in the world but, by itself, it is really only one piece of a 500 piece puzzle. Where all of the planets were when you were born (shown on your natal chart) and how they interact with each other (some have easy relationships to each other, some are more difficult) is where astrology really gets interesting.

Through my own natal chart readings I have learned that there are reasons I do things the way I do and think about things the way I do. I have seen how my energy shows up, why I am interested in certain topics, and how I respond to day-to-day issues. I have also learned that, once I have that information, I have a way to make an informed choice about what I want to work on and what is perfectly functional the way it is. I have learned how to accept myself, “warts” and all.

I see my patterns and behaviors more clearly and that helps me reduce struggle in my life (and that is most enjoyable, I must say).

Beyond the natal chart, an astrologer can look at planetary changes that will have an influence on your life – yes, even the planets have patterns, and those patterns show us when you will feel significant shifts in your life which provides an opportunity for you to figure out how to ride the wave.

During your natal chart reading we will review some important dates I see in your chart, look at your character or personality (includes your Sun sign and so much more), talk about your life lesson (why you’re here, according to your energetic makeup) and discuss specific factors that are impacting your chart right now so that you have context for what you might be experiencing and ways to work with the current energy impacting your life.

If you want to go deeper, we can do a follow-up session on your natal chart, specifically. Deeper could be looking at your career personality, shadow characteristics, or simply personality traits you would like to gain more acceptance around.

Natal chart readings are currently $100 per session (they will go up after I finish my next class (July) and again after I am certified).

After you’ve had your natal chart reading, you might consider an annual transit reading to better understand the year ahead. In a transit reading I will discuss how the planets and their current movements are interacting with your natal chart over the next year. Everything we cover will support you in expressing your free will with an understanding of planetary influences (these influences offer both support and opportunities to grow and stretch). What a wonderful birthday present to give yourself.


Marni Schmid is a Usui/Holy Fire(R) III Karuna (R) Reiki Master, Life Coach, and astrologer who would love to support you as you walk your path in life.

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