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It’s my passion to help people like you.

Who want a life

and work you love.

 I spent nine years of my early career (four years pre-MBA and five years post-MBA) in the corporate world when I left a great job at a Fortune 500 company to manage a family business that was in crisis. Lots of stuff happened during a two-year agreement that turned into 14 years – kidney stones, two tumors (surgery to remove the tumor and the organs they were attached to), gall stones and a dead gallbladder filled with stones (surgery), vertigo, exhaustion, fainting spells, migraines, endometriosis, and eczema as I tried really hard to please others and not let my truth out.

In 2018 I started down a path meant to be mostly for me (I really didn’t think I would become a life coach, reiki master, and astrologer and would combine them all into a really cool program) when I started Martha Beck Wayfinder Coach training. But it changed my life.

As hard as it was, I started to find and establish my boundaries (I didn’t do an awesome job, though, the Universe still had to step in) and, as I found my way, I rediscovered many interests, I learned how to spend time on something other than work, and I started to follow my heart again.

Wayfinder coach training turned into Bev Barnes’ Unlock Your Soul’s Calling class which turned into her Soul’s Calling(R) Coach and Facilitator Training (and certification – WOO HOO!) which turned into Koelle Institute Equus Coach Training and Debra Silverman Applied Astrology and, finally (for now), Abigail Morgan’s Mind-Body Magic Life Coach (and Master Mind-Body Life Coach Certification!) training.  

Using the tools on myself, and doing the hard work of breaking down old programming, establishing boundaries, and starting my career over has been life-changing. I’ve got the training and the life experience and I’m excited to support you as you follow your path.

I believe in

your gifts

I believe your gifts are ready for you to unwrap and use them.


I believe that through rest, play and self-inquiry, you will be able to feel renewed and recharged.

these tools

I believe in the tools I’ve learned because I’ve used them on myself and have experienced the results.

living out loud

I believe that you can hit “unmute” on your life and live in tune with your truth.


This pre-coaching call gives us each the opportunity to determine if we will work well together before you commit to even one session.


You may want to start with a natal chart reading, or energy work, or you may want to jump right in with coaching. You decide.


Life is going to happen, and we will work with what comes up when it comes up - but we will not lose sight of your original goals and intention, unless it shifts for you.



Discover your true personality traits, your gifts, and your values


Break free from all of that social and family programming that is holding you back


Connect more frequently and easily to your inner wisdom


Release past hurts and get the residual energy out of your body


Know the answer when someone asks, “What do you want to do?”

Wherever you are in this process, I am here for you. If you’re feeling like something in your life has to change; that you just can’t keep operating the way you are. I’m ready to help you find your truth, your boundaries, and your own way of moving forward.

ways we can take this journey together

most active | 1:1 coaching

I will combine all of my tools (Soul’s Calling (R), Mind-Body, Martha Beck Wayfinding) to help you determine what you want to do and how you want to do it. Sessions end with homework so that you can practice what you’re learning between our sessions.


Sort of Active | Astrology Readings

Starting with a natal chart reading, I will share what I see about your personality traits and timing in your life. You will leave the session with practical tools you can use in your daily life. After your natal chart reading, I recommend a transit reading – a look-ahead at what energy will be present for you over the next year.

least active | reiki sessions

Reiki sessions are perfect for those times when you just need to relax and allow the energy to flow to you. We will have a check-in call at the beginning and end of your session, otherwise, your only job is to relax and allow the healing energy to do its work.


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