3 Ways to Take Advantage of the Practical Realities of Mercury Retrograde

by | Jun 5, 2021 | Astrology, Coaching

As with all things astrology, Mercury Retrograde periods are all about archetypes and energy, not absolutes, and you using your free will.  They are opportunities to engage with your personal growth in a different way. Today I’m sharing three ways you can take advantage of this Mercury Retrograde.

I look at Mercury retrograde periods as gifts from the Universe (or Source or God) to slow down and take a deeper dive into an area of my life that is demanding attention. In general, when Mercury goes retrograde, it’s a time to reevaluate, review, reconsider, rest, recharge. Basically, all the “re” words.

If you can, take a minute to sit comfortably and just breathe. As you feel your mind still and your body relax, think about where in your life you feel like communication or action is the most jacked up. Are you having trouble hearing your body’s signals? Is the break down with your family members? Are you having more difficulty getting messages through with business partners? Does it seem pronounced at work or with organizations you are part of? Or do you find yourself having difficulty connecting with your intuition or a higher power?

Focus where you’re feeling the most frustration.

Wherever you’re feeling the most frustration in your life is the area of your life you’re being asked to revisit right now. 

If pushing through to make stuff happen isn’t working, it’s time to slow down. Ironically, it will be easier to get stuff done if you slow down. Even during non-retrograde periods, slowing down to speed up is the name of the game. This is especially pronounced for the next few weeks (and it’s a great opportunity to build a new habit of slowing down). 

This is a time to finish or wrap up a project you’ve been working or or lay the groundwork to start a new project. In gardening terms, you’re preparing the soil for the seed. This is not the time to draft and execute a business plan or design and launch a product. This is a time for quiet closure and preparation.

Wherever you feel the most stuck or slowed down right now, release your desire to control the timeline and plant the seed so your idea can grow (if you want help identifying the area that you’re being asked to work on, we can take a quick look at your natal chart in a coaching session). Three things you can do (focusing on the area of your life that is poking at you the most right now) over the coming weeks are:

  • Rest  Slow down and take time to collect your thoughts, especially if something feels like it’s stuck or just not going right, step away from it for just a couple of minutes and do something completely unrelated. If you can, go outside and notice what you see, hear, smell, feel, and maybe even taste. Let your mind wander and breathe.
  • Reflect   Think back to the last three months. What did you work on or do that you enjoyed and are happy with how it came out? What do you wish you had given a little more attention? How can you shift what you’re doing now to be more in line with what you want?
  • Reconnect  Allow your objective self and your intuitive self to be friends by taking this opportunity to develop your intuition (I’m assuming, like most humans, your mind and thoughts have been running the show) and allow it to be part of your internal conversation and decision-making.

If you’re not sure how to slow down or let your intuition participate, know that you are not alone.

If you’re interested in digging in to your astrological archetypes and want to get more specific about how the energy and the archetypes are showing up in your life, now may be a great time to book a natal chart reading or a coaching session where we zoom in on a specific aspect.

If you prefer a guided meditation to help you slow down or connect with your intuition, I have options on Sound Cloud and Insight Timer – and more are coming.

If you just want to reach out and share what’s going on for you, post your comments here, send me an email, or DM me on Facebook or Instagram.

Focusing where the energy is speaking to you loudest, slowing down, reflecting, and allowing your intuition to have a say will all help you walk more solidly on your own path and will help you navigate this Mercury Retrograde much more smoothly and effectively.


  1. Liv

    We are soonish coming into a new Mercury retrograde and I will keep all these great tips in mind, thank you, Marni!

    • marnischmid

      I would love to hear how it goes and I’m glad this one is still helpful. The September 27 Mercury retrograde will be in Libra this time, so it will be more about reassessing and slowing down related to relationships (all kinds of relationships) and it’s gets more specific when you look at the house Mercury is in in your natal chart. Regardless, I love the opportunity to slow down and hope you get to enjoy the upcoming retrograde.


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